Intentionally Loving God, Living the Faith, Sharing Christ!


Relationships~Encouragement~Accountability~Laughter~Growing And Loving Sisters in Christ

Mission: The ladies’ ministry REAL-GALS seeks to serve God by reaching and disciplining ladies for Christ as we encourage spiritual growth, through Bible studies, mentoring, encouragement, fellowships, fun activities and service within the church and community. To reach out to younger women, new faith families and those the Lord puts into our hearts. To spread the good news and saving grace of our Lord Jesus Christ to the lost and those searching for the truth, in Glendive Assembly of God and our community.

REAL-GALS offers many opportunities for fellowship with other ladies. Some activities include:

  • meeting once a month on Saturday mornings for coffee and fellowship.
  • Occasionally, we have an artist facilitate an art class.
  • We work on crafts and other fun projects.
  • The goal of these projects is to provide the opportunity to get to know each other and bond in a relaxing atmosphere.

The ladies’ ministry seeks to serve God by fostering relationships, encouraging one-another, gently and lovingly making each other accountable. Together we will have lots of fun and laughter, spiritual growth and love for one another as sisters-in Christ.

Please join us